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 Course content:

Currently we provide the training in the following areas and you will be provided suitable rent free accommodation  when the training is going on. We also have the state-of-the art laboratories and hands on experience shall  be provided by industry experts. You get an opportunity to work on the real time projects also.

  • SQL server Database Administration

  • Oracle Database administration.

  • My SQL Database administration.

  • Performance testing for Web based applications.

  • Manual testing techniques.

  • Software Quality Assurance methodology

  • Automation testing tools.

  • HP-Load Runner, HP- QTP and HP- Quality Centre.

FirstQA Solutions is one of the best training centers in the nation that offers software testing including performance testing  concepts. You can work in one of our in house projects or we can place you in one of the nation's best software companies as our consultant.

Important notes about Software Testing course in brief:

  •  Duration of the course is more than 40 hours.

  • More than 350 pages of excellent hand outs. Enough for one life time.

  • Explain and show the real time environment.

  • Flexible timings on week days and on week ends.

  • Complete list of interview questions will be provided.

  • All the interview questions would be discussed in the class.

  • Mock interview sessions will be conducted.

  • 100 % placement assistance will be provided.

  • Complete support to prepare an excellent resume

  • You can spend any amount of time working on the automated tools.

  • Enough time to work on tools and on databases.

  • Good exposure to UNIX and Shell scripting.

  • Good exposure to Java and JDBC.

  • Testing both GUI and web applications.

  • Six Automated tools and three relational databases will be covered.

  • You get proficiency in SQL by end of the course.

  • 100 % support when you are on a project.

You will learn and work on the following tools:

Automation tools:

  • Load Runner 11.5

  • HP-Quick Test  Professional (QTP11.0)

  • MS Stress testing tool.

  • HP Quality Centre 10.0

Relational Databases:

  • MS SQL Server 2008

  • Oracle 10G Express

Miscellaneous tools:

  • Various bug databases

  • TOAD for SQL server

  • Performance monitors.

  • HTML Editors

  • Free automated tools to simplify the manual testing.


  • Linux/UNIX and Shell scripting

  • Java and JDBC(Java Database Connectivity)

  • Driver concepts.

Detailed description of the course:

 Software quality assurance concepts:

  • Why Software testing is required?

  • Software coding standards.

  • Different type of testing concepts.

  • Software testing methodology.

  • Manual testing concepts.

  • Automation testing concepts.

  • Software life cycle and testing life cycle.

  • What is a bug and what is an error in the code?

  • Performance /Load/Stress testing concepts.

  • Monitoring the resources of multiple servers.

  • Bug reports and various bug reporting tools.

  • Writing test plans, test cases and test scripts.

  • Analyzing the external and internal specification documents.

  • Creating test specifications.

  • Analyzing and designing the best testcases.

  • Black box and White box testing concepts.

  • Basic acceptance testing and Sanity testing techniques.

  • How to select an automation test tool?

  • Going ahead with testing without any documents in hand.

  • Performing testing when no time in hand.

  • Hands on experience in writing the test cases for an external web site.

  • Software Conformance standards.

  • Quality assurance standards.

  • Web applications and web sites standards.

  • Two tier and three tier applications.

  • Web, application and database servers.

  • Generating various testing metrics and traceability matrix.

  • Configuration management.

  • Software version control tools.

  • Performance testing concepts.

  • Unified Modeling Language (UML).

  • The Capability Maturity Model (CMM).

  • Generating log and summary files.

  • Publishing the test results with respect to test specs.

  • Interviews questions discussions and mock interview sessions.

Details of the Automation tools:


  • Introducing Vuser scripts.

  • Working and developing Vugen scripts.

  • Importing actions.

  • Enhancing the scripts.

  • Inserting the transactions.

  • Verifying the transaction time for each defined transaction.

  • Inserting Rendezvous points.

  • Obtaining Vuser information.

  • Handling errors in Vusers scripts.

  • Generating the data driven scripts.

  • Synchronizing the Vuser scripts.

  • Emulating user think time.

  • Understanding the Load runner controller.

  • Playing with ramp-up and ramp-down times.

  • Adding number of load machines to the controller.

  • Defining and understanding the parameter limitations.

  • Importing the data from existing database.

  • Populating the existing database for stress/Load testing.

  • Correlating statements.

  • Configuring run-time and record-time settings.

  • Configuring run-time and pacing time logic

  • Configuring the think time settings.

  • Managing and configuring Load generators.

  • Scheduling session steps

  • Managing scripts.

  • About selecting monitors.

  • Generating the resources graphs from various servers.

  • Creating manual profile.

  • Creating Goal-oriented profile.

  • Alert actions.

  • Collating results.

  • Advanced tuning functions.

  • Analyzing and generating graphs and other reports.

  • Generating the report for each vuser and more and more.


  • Introduction to the Quick test professional.

  • Understanding and managing the testing process.

  • Programming from the expert view.

  • Understanding the test object model.

  • Managing test objects.

  • Designing the tests.

  • Managing the check points.

  • Checking object property values.

  • Checking the tables and databases.

  • Checking the text and bitmaps.

  • Parameterizing the tests.

  • Creating output values.

  • Using regular expressions.

  • Working with actions and data tables.

  • Learning virtual objects.

  • Testing web objects.

  • Object Repository Introduction

  • Reusable and split actions.

  • Running, analyzing and debugging the tests.

  • Setting global testing options.

  • Enhancing the tests with programming statements.

  • Automating quick test operations.

  • Analyzing the results and reporting bugs.

HP Quality Centre 10.0

  • Global test management.

  • Installation of HP Quality Center.

  • BDE configuration utility.

  • Project administration utility.

  • Adding Quality Center add-ins to MS-word and excel spread sheets.

  • Exporting specifications from Word and Excel to Quality Center.

  • Exporting requirements and specifications.

  • Exporting the testcases and test scripts

  • Executing selective tests using Quality Center.

  • Maintaining the bug data base using Quality Center.

  • Generating bug reports.


Relational Databases theory and lab:

  • Detailed relational databases concepts.

  • Structured query language (SQL).

  • Database objects.

  • Database security.

  • Query profiling.

  • Query analyzer etc.

  • Query Statistics

  • Data backup

  • Database Maintenance

  • Performance Improvements

  • Remote DB Connection tools

The following databases are covered in this course.

  • MS SQL Server 2000.

  • Oracle 10 G. 

UNIX and Shell Scripting:

  • UNIX basics and fundamentals.

  • Working with files and directories.

  • FTP editors.

  • Telnet editors.

  • VI editor.

  • Streaming editor concepts.

  • Shell scripts.

General Tools:

  • Bug databases.

  • Toad for SQL server.

  • Performance monitor.

  • HTML editors.

  • Link checkers.


  • MS Front page.

  • Clear Case.

  • ISS

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